Bounty Hunter - Coconut Scented Man Cave Candle

Size: Small (4oz)
Sale price£14.00

We all love a good western, imagining ourselves as the trigger - happy cowboy, ready to win any showdown. we’ve combined that feeling with the thought of your favourite chocolate bar! 


Any 2 Small candles for £20

Any 2 Medium candles for £30

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  • 1x scented candle
  • Hand made mens candle
  • 62mm high & 78mm diameter
  • Coconut scent
  • A snug lid to keep fresh for further use

Burn times:

Small candles (4oz) are approximately 20-25 hours

Medium (8oz) are approximately 40-45 hours

Big daddy candles (16oz) are approximately 80-85 hours

 Made on demand, if we have stock, it will be shipped within 48 hours, if we're currently out, it will ship within a week.