CINNAMAN - Cinnamon Scented Man Cave Candle

Size: Small (4oz)
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candles for men don't have to be cheesy - We believe that guys love great smells too!

We’ve all been there: it’s Christmas morning, and you’ve got a familiar-shaped box waiting to be unwrapped. There it is – another deodorant set to add to the collection. Deodorant might be a useful gift, but it’s not exactly the most exciting. A cinnamon candle on the other hand… that’s a solid present. With this candle for men, you can bring the aroma of Christmas to every month of the year.

  • 1x scented candle
  • Hand made mens candle
  • 62mm high & 78mm diameter
  • Cinnamon scent
  • A snug lid to keep fresh for further use

Burn times:

Small candles (4oz) are approximately 20-25 hours

Medium (8oz) are approximately 40-45 hours

Big daddy candles (16oz) are approximately 80-85 hours

Comes in matt white sleek packaging, minimal designs that all men will love.


Made on demand, if we have stock, it will be shipped within 48 hours, if we're currently out, it will ship within a week.