Man-Go - Mango Scented Man Cave Candle

Size: Small (4oz)
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This candle smells like it says on the tin - and brings back that exotic smell that we all link with holidays. Bask back in the sun of your vacation as you burn this candle!


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Any 2 Medium candles for £30

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  • 1x scented candle
  • Hand made mens candle
  • 62mm high & 78mm diameter
  • Mango scent
  • A snug lid to keep fresh for further use

Burn times:

Small candles (4oz) are approximately 20-25 hours

Medium (8oz) are approximately 40-45 hours

Big daddy candles (16oz) are approximately 80-85 hours

 Made on demand, if we have stock, it will be shipped within 48 hours, if we're currently out, it will ship within a week.  

Our Story:

My parents moved to the UK from Jamaica a few years before I was born. I’ve never lived there: but, man, have I been on some great holidays visiting family. Jamaica is an island rich with culture and full of warm-hearted people. It’s also full of some pretty great food. Tropical fruit in Jamaica provides a whole different experience to its UK equivalent. It’s a full sensory experience: flavour that captures the entirety of your mouth, tastes as bold and vivid as sunlight. When you eat a mango in Jamaica, you don’t forget it. It marinates your tongue in sweet, luscious juices that you have to savour. When you go to bite it, you can’t help but be floored by that dreamy, intoxicating smell. Our Man-Go candle doesn’t smell like that ready-cut mango you can pick up in the supermarket: it smells like Jamaica.